How do you say Taekwondo?

Lots of people mispronounce Taekwondo, the Korean martial art and Olympic sport. So we put together this guide so you can make sure you're pronouncing it correctly.





I can imagine some of you are now saying:

"but my instructor/grandmaster/president says it like one of those bottom ones and he's right and you're wrong!"

Let's start by saying the Korean alphabet doesn't even have an "ai" sound! Simply learning the Korean alphabet would tell you it's incorrect (the entirety of it can be easily learnt in 90 minutes).

Aside from learning Korean, or our telling you to ask any one of the 40 million Korean citizens living in South Korea how to pronounce their official national sport, here are a few select people telling you - maybe you'll believe them...

World Taekwondo President
Dr Choue, Chongwon

President of Kukkiwon (TKD HQ)
Grandmaster Oh, Hyun-deuk

Korean Language Learning Channel

Popular vlogger meets K-Tigers
Oh, Mina (Professor Oh)

So please, educate your classmates, friends, and yes, even your instructors, grandmasters and presidents on how to correctly say the name of the world's most popular martial art!